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Gashouse Radio: Valerie Fahren

Gashouse Radio, Valerie Fahren
Valerie Fahren

Valerie Fahren’s music and acting career started in her teens when New York City radio began playing an original song by her band Gypsy. She has starred in principal roles in Equity productions of Fiddler on the Roof, Carmen, and Three Penny Opera; recorded with The Wilson Sisters, Neil Diamond, Edgar Winter, and Chick Corea; and had her own songs recorded by many other artists, including David Arkenstone. She is also an Artist Developer and vocal coach, who’s worked with an impressive amount of celebrities and even relatives of them, as listed on her website. “Say You Love Me” is her new single, out now.

Fahren’s plans to release a full-length album are preceded by this single release, which she revealed in a recent interview that she “tried to write it with the viewpoint of Adele,” but liked it so much, when it didn’t get picked up, that she decided to release it herself. And that’s a must mention because the song really does follow that big sound and appeal of Adele’s. It’s a really-good compliment to her and today’s way of emoting songs like Adele does. So, if you like Adele, this single is right up your alley as it falls into the same world class talent pool from which such contemporary artists do... READ MORE

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