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Backstage: Do You Have the Right Attitude to Make It as a TV Actor in Hollywood?

Valerie Fahren, Backstage Expert
Valerie Fahren, Backstage Expert

If this headline caught your attention, great! Read on, because this will help you even if you are already doing a lot of the “right” things to make it in this town. I cannot speak for everyone, but in my experience over the last 23 years of helping actors and singers take it to the next level, I have found the following basic tips to be extremely helpful. 

1. Good manners and confidence. 
In my experience, casting directors, managers, and agents like someone with confidence. A high level of it is okay as long as you are focusing it in the right direction. Bad manners, or not being respectful to casting, their assistants, receptionists, agents, etc. can get you rejected before you even have a have a chance. Make sure you treat the entire team with respect and good manners, meaning “please” and “thank you, listening to them, giving them good acknowledgments, and not interrupting. They are all watching to see how you might behave on set; the way you behave in their office mirrors how you’re likely to behave on set... READ MORE

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