Artist Development

Valerie Fahren’s Artist Development Program is a full service production company with artist development, consulting, training, showcases and step-by-step guidance to help you move to the next level of your career – whether you are a beginning or advanced singer/songwriter/actor. This service is offered by audition only. Valerie takes on a limited amount of clients each year, in order to fully service each artist. You can request to have an audition appointment at the contact page of this site.

Valerie Fahren, Pierce Driessen and Peter Roberts


Services Provided

Development Consulting

Step-by-step help through the development process, while keeping your unique artistic goals in mind. Includes record industry advice, A&R consultation, helping you choose the right songs, producers, and music to keep your music current with today’s market, and your style consistent with each phase of your development process. Valerie Fahren will advise you through the entire process of artist development and coach your presentation, to help you move to the next level of your career (see Success Stories page).

Industry Showcases

Professional Industry Showcases with record label panels, managers, agents, record producers, casting directors, and producers in attendance. These are held every few months, to give you the most opportunities to achieve your goals.

Most singers are also aspiring songwriters and actors. These showcases showcase every aspect of each artist, in singing, songwriting, acting, and dance. Valerie has 18 years of experience producing showcases, which her clients have gotten publishing deals, recording contracts, management and agent representation, spec deals, development deals, and more. Valerie invites hundreds of industry connections to her showcases.


In her role as a Los Angeles celebrity vocal coach, Valerie arranges introductions to the best management companies, and helps you choose the right agent, producer, and manager. All part of the service within Valerie Fahren’s Artist Development Program. Valerie will be the liaison for the artist to help acquire these connections.

Vocal Coaching / Production

Valerie helps you find the style and sound that is unique to you, and achieve your best vocally, to achieve the level required for signing with a major label. 25 years of experience with standard vocal training programs will be brought to bear in the creation of a tailor-made program for each singer’s vocal needs.

Audition Preparation

Valerie’s clients do audition preparation for agents, acting roles, management companies, record label meetings, etc. Valerie’s acting and music audition preparation has resulted in clients landing lead roles on Disney TV shows and other shows, films, etc.

As a Los Angeles celebrity vocal coach, connecting you with the right industry people achieve your goals is what she does. Valerie has hundreds of connections in the business to help you succeed with your career as a singer, singer/songwriter, and/or actor.

Songwriting/Music Theory/Singers Theory

  1. Music theory for singers/songwriters
  2. Basic piano to learn how to write and play your own chords/melodies
  3. Basic songwriting skills are developed with the artist. Then a basic recording with voice, lyrics, and piano will be sent to record producers. You and Valerie will coordinate the process, and create the arrangement and style of what you want to present. You will then be presented to publishing companies, record labels, etc. through the recording process, industry showcasing, etc.
  4. Based on her long experience and reputation as a Los Angeles celebrity voice coach, Valerie will decide when you are ready to proceed to the next level.

Record Deal Shopping or other contracts

Once you have completed the Artist Development Program, you may be offered an opportunity to progress to the next level: Valerie’s Album Development program. This is the stage where Valerie takes you through the final steps to get you and your work polished and presented to record labels and top producers.

Package Presentation/Preparation/Social Media

The Artist Development Program is also set up to consult you and help you connect with the best people to do your photos, help you with designing your website (including referrals to industry-savvy website creators), and make sure all media lines are used to promote your career, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, ReverbNation, etc.