Vocal Coaching

For over 20 years Valerie has been a leading vocal coach in Los Angeles teaching streamlined vocal methods for styles including Pop, Broadway, R&B, Rock and Opera.

As a result of her extensive experience, Valerie has been able to isolate certain fundamental vocal techniques that are common to all styles.

Artist Development

Valerie Fahren's Artist Development Program is a full service production company with Artist Development, Consulting, Training, Showcases and step by step guidance to help you move to the next level of your career, whether you are a beginning or advanced Singer/Songwriter/Actor.

  • Pierce Driessen


    After I started to work with Valerie, my voice immediately started becoming better and I started to look at singing as a career I could get into. She helped me develop the skills I needed to not only sing professionally, but how to present myself as a professional.

    –Pierce Driessen

  • Daechelle Hernandez


    Valerie, thank you for making me who I am today.

    –Daechelle Hernandez

  • Andrew Leeds


    Valerie Fahren is hands down the best voice teacher I have ever worked with.

    –Andrew Leeds

  • Kelly Silber


    I would not be sitting here as such today without Valerie Fahren.
Her unbelievable dedication to helping me make MY dreams come true is only one of her many diamond qualities.

    –Kelly Silber

Industry Showcases

Twice yearly for the past 20 years, Valerie Fahren Productions has put on industry showcases featuring Artist Development clients. A prerequisite for being included in the showcase is studying consistently and being ready to perform in front of industry professionals.