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Backstage: How to Stay Sane in This Crazy, Unpredictable Business

Valerie Fahren, Backstage Expert
Valerie Fahren, Backstage Expert

First of all, congratulations for being here, getting yourself out there, and continuing to do it. The business of auditioning, waiting for that callbacks, working a side job to make extra money until the big deal comes, and the continuous hustle of Hollywood, in general, can all be tough. Add to that the seemingly inherent negativity that comes along with the job—what I believe to be the main deterrent to actors, singers, directors, writers, comediennes, etc. from achieving their dreams—and it can really begin to take its toll.

For this reason, I’ve put together a few tips (which were learned the hard way) to help you maintain your sanity and keep you winning in this often-unpredictable business. 

1. Stay away from negative people.
If someone around you (an agent, manager, friend, teacher, or anyone in your circle) is bringing up too much bad news and focusing on the negative, remove them from your life... READ MORE

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