Vocal Coaching


Valerie Fahren’s students experience phenomenal results, including:

  • Increased Range
  • Strengthened Voice
  • More Control
  • Improved Quality
  • Booking Auditions

For over 20 years, Valerie has been a leading vocal coach in Los Angeles, teaching streamlined vocal methods for styles including pop, Broadway, R&B, rock, and opera.

Valerie accepts students from all levels of ability – her clients range from people that are just starting, to established celebrities. She has worked with very young kids as well as professionals that are on Broadway, have recording contracts, or work in television and film.

As a result of her extensive experience, Valerie has been able to isolate certain fundamental vocal techniques that are common to all styles.

Any singer coming to Valerie for vocal coaching will find out in a very short amount of time which basic technique needs to be strengthened for them to improve. Valerie specializes in rapidly isolating exactly what is causing any difficulties the person may be having with their singing.

My Requirements and Personal Views

I will accept any student who simply realizes that there are things they need to learn and they are willing to work hard to achieve their goals. They also need to realize that there is time involved (it doesn’t happen overnight), and that they have the ability to improve. I want students that are optimistic about achieving their goals.

What makes me different from other teachers is that I know and understand the basic techniques involved in singing well. Knowing which of the basic techniques each person is missing, so that he or she can remedy it, is the key to progressing quickly. I treat each person individually. I’m not a “cookie cutter” teacher. Each person has their own areas they want assistance with, unique to them.

What I enjoy most about singing is the creative process. I love the expression of music and the creation of an effect on others.

I don’t have one “favorite style,” or one “favorite song.” I love music of all genres. I especially enjoy music that has a lot of range, dynamics of sound, and is emotionally impacting, and that could be in any style. Opera has that, pop has that and so does Broadway.

I really do love all the styles. I love the theatrical presentation of Broadway, I love the challenge of singing opera. I also love pop, it’s just incredibly fun!

Everyone can learn to sing to a certain degree, but of course your progress will depend on how much work you put into it and how far you want to take it.

Philosophy of Vocal Coaching

What gives me the most satisfaction is seeing my students really winning in their careers and in their lives, and seeing them achieve their goals. I enjoy working with beginners and seeing them start from no experience to sounding like a professional singer in a short period of time.

I truly care about all my students individually, so I take the time to find out what they really want to achieve — and then I work to achieve that for them. I don’t put any limitations on them.

Dedication, commitment, and willingness to take direction is what is required of each for them to be successful.